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Good skin isn’t just good genes. Like most things in the universe, it can be broken down to a science. And that’s the sweet spot where Indyu shines.
In INDYU our team of highly trained and qualified clinicians offers safe, effective and affordable treatments that help you achieve your skin goals.

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Because you don’t need a miracle for beautiful skin.!

Where beauty meets science..

  • With a team of qualified professionals, who have an edge over any other centre in the category, Indyu exists to help every type of skin, and every kind of skin condition, no matter the background.
  • We believe in inclusivity. Hence our services are kept at a fair price point, to make it accessible for a larger cross section of the society.
  • We understand that sometimes what’s on the surface affects one deep inside, and with our high-end FDA approved treatments designed to focus on long-term results, we hope to help people overcome the emotional blemishes that stand in their way to happiness and success.
  • To help them discover that true beauty is not skin deep.

Honesty is the best policy.

No matter the skin, we are here to help so you can walk out feeling like the most beautiful you.


Our Medical Treatmets

We're different from typical health checkup center. We're out to create magic. The goal is to WOW you with outstanding treatment.

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In INDYU our team of highly trained and qualified clinicians offers safe, effective and affordable treatments that help you achieve your skin goals.

With almost a decade of experience in cosmetology and hair transplant, having worked with brands like Kosmoderma, Kaya Skin Clinic, and Cutis International, Dr. Indu brings a fresh perspective and a visionary approach towards skincare. After finishing her Senior Residentship in Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Indu has attended cosmetology and aesthetic gynecology workshops conducted by ABCG (American Board of Cosmetic Gynecology) and also successfully conducted Injectables training workshops. As part of our CSR, she runs a parallel clinic at Kayamkulam where treatments are provided at a subsidised rate.

Dr. Indu Balan -Founder, Chief Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

Dr Sumitha has worked in major institutions like KIMS Hospital, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, CIMAR and MOM Premium Maternity Centre. She did Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology from American Aesthetic Association.

Dr. Sumitha Nandan - Cosmetic Gynecologist

Dr Aswin over time has gained extensive experience as cosmetic endocrinologist and is an expert in the management of diabetes, thyroid disorders, obesity, and endocrine-related skin issues.

Dr Aswin Pankajakshan
Cosmetic Endocrinologist

Over 100+ peoples are daily visit our medical center.

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