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Acne And Acne Scars

Acne should be treated early to prevent scarring, which is more difficult to treat. Treatment of acne is always a combination of different topical creams or oral tablets and various procedures as the causative factors are multiple.
Clearance of acne can be achieved through a combination of creams and chemical peels. The peels, by exfoliating and reducing oil production, are able to clear acne effectively.
Acne scarring is effectively treated through a combination of chemical peels and/or ablative or semi ablative fractional lasers and radiofrequency devices. The fractional laser that is used is safe on even tanned skin, with little chance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Scar treatment takes around 6 – 8 sessions depending on the intensity or how dark the scar is. There could be a downtime of mild redness for 2-5 days.

Why Indyu?

  • The armamentarium of more than three different lasers for scar reduction.
  • Expertise and knowledge in dealing with all types of acne scars.
  • Safe and efficient equipment approved by USFDA.
  • Well trained doctors.
  • Multiple choices of treatments that suit your comfort and time.
  • Customized treatment for each type of skin and scars.

Contraindications of Laser and radiofrequency scar treatment.

Pregnancy, electronic implants (pacemaker), on metal-containing apparatus such as hip prosthesis, a history of recurrent herpes simplex (needs preventive antiviral therapy), immune suppression, active local or systemic infections, increased photosensitivity, collagen-vascular disease.
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