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A vaginoplasty is a procedure that focuses on reducing the width of the vagina. Although naturally designed to stretch during sex and childbirth, the tissues of the vagina can lose elasticity over time, particularly following multiple childbirths. The size and elasticity of the vagina are mainly dependant on two factors- Age and Childbirth. As we age, the level of our hormones decreases, which causes a decrease in strength of muscles and surrounding connective tissue, and therefore tightness of the vagina. Childbirth for obvious reasons decreases the tightness of the vagina.

During a vaginoplasty, a cosmetic surgeon may use techniques such as tightening the perineal muscles or making repairs to the vaginal wall, reducing the overall width of the vagina, tightening the surrounding soft tissues and muscles and removing excess loose vaginal skin. While vaginoplasty is typically sought as a cosmetic procedure, it can also be used as a reconstructive procedure to address birth defects or tissue injuries that may have occurred during childbirth. Vaginoplasty focuses more on the correction of vaginal looseness caused by aging, weight loss, and childbirth. Vaginoplasty ultimately tightens the vagina by reducing the vaginal diameter and tightening the internal and external vaginal canal to increase friction during intercourse. Vaginoplasty can deliver a tighter, smaller vagina with natural anatomical shape and contour.
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